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Hey everyone! I know I've been MIA for a bit on this site. I've been working really hard on my next project. It will be a three part series from the crime/thriller genre. Check out my WIP portion of the site for updates.

Death Before Dishonor: An Emily Fallon Novel started quite literally as a dream. One morning I woke up from a crazy dream that I was having. I was in the Navy (I have never served just fyi. Thank you to all that have!). I came across some information that was part of a cover up. I found out that a member of my family, originally told he was MIA, was killed. Not in the line of duty but due to a much bigger crime being committed. The dream went on for what seemed like forever. I woke up, told my Husband and he thought I had described a movie. He told me to write it down and see what happens. Here I am 2.5 months later with the first draft done and starting the editing process.

Developing this story and these characters has been great! I can't wait for you all to meet Emily and Xander!

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