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Death Before Dishonor An Emily Fallon Novel is Out in the World!

Wow! It has been a whirlwind experience these past few days. Death Before Dishonor An Emily Fallon Novel is officially out in the world!! You can purchase from my website (signed copies), Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Etsy (signed copies).

This has been such an amazing experience, but it is also exhausting.

I told you I would be honest so here we go.. The time that it takes, for me that is, to write a book is a few months. From there my Alpha team has reviewed, given feedback to which I make updates/rewrites or start over.

Once we get over that hurdle I send it to my Beta team. They read it, provide more feedback, and again I will update as needed.

Finally, it goes to the ARC team. At this point it should be almost ready to publish (you hope), and you are really looking for feedback to see if you did an okay job. You also hope they want to leave a review. This part can be excruciating because you want people to love it as much as you do but know that it might not happen, and you need to be ok with that or start over.

What you do not see is what goes on between all of this. I create content that I hope people see, market myself/the book, reach out to bookstores hoping they will allow me to sell, do a signing, or even better-do both with them. I try to find items that I think would be cool to have in a curated box that is based around the book. All the while supporting the Indie Author friends that I have and believe in along with all my other friends and their endeavors.

Would I change any of this? Absolutely not! Do I wish I could clone myself because I also still have a regular full-time job, family, animals, house and other things that require all my attention, 100%!!

Am I going to stop? Not gonna happen! I love writing and I love where this trilogy is heading.

Why am I exhausted you ask? None of this would even be possible without the love and support of the Bookstagram community. I have met some of the most amazing humans within that community. All have been so supportive and encouraging even when I wanted to give up. They are the real superheroes here. I had a team of 50+ friends that offered to post, share, comment, like and do all the things yesterday to help promote my book baby. In return, I wanted to make sure that I took the time to comment on each post, thank them personally or both. It was an emotionally exhausting day but in the best way ever.

I will never be able to thank them enough for helping me promote this book. But I will continue to show up for them like they did for me. Find yourself a network of amazing friends. It makes this one life that much better.



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