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Readers Wanted & Order Forms


Alpha Readers-Closed

Alpha Readers have been selected at this time. Thank you for your interest.


What is an Alpha Reader?

Every author is different with this answer. For me, an Alpha reads through a draft looking for plot drops, the flow of the story and, glaring grammatical errors. 


Beta Readers-Closed

Please fill out the form to be considered. If selected, I will notify you via Instagram. 


What is a Beta Reader?

Again, every author is different. For me, Betas do the same thing as the Alpha Readers but they get an edited version from the initial feedback. They look for the same things as the Alpha Readers.


Arc Readers- Closed

Please fill out the form to be considered for an Arc. If selected, I will contact you via Instagram.

What is an Arc Reader?

Arc (Advanced Reader Copy) - The reader will receive a copy of the most updated draft. At this point, this draft should be close to done. The Arc Reader provides a review once they are done reading it. The review is in exchange for a free electronic copy of the book. 

Alpha Readers 
Street Team

Please fill out the form to be considered. If selected, I will notify you via Instagram.

What does a Street Team do?

The street team has early access to items such as title releases, cover reveals, giveaways and more before anyone else. In return, the author will ask that the street team helps promote these items 1-2 times a month. 


Please fill out this form to pre order signed copies of my books. Books will be delivered at the event you chose on the form. Books will not be signed until invoices are paid in full. Please read the full form before submitting.

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