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The Emily Fallon Trilogy

Death Before Dishonor An Emily Fallon Novel

Released July 2023! This is book one of the trilogy.


Lieutenant Emily Fallon returns from her recent at-sea deployment. All she wants before her next assignment starts is a little bit of R & R.As soon as her boots hit the ground in Norfolk, VA, a series of events start to unfold. It is clear that someone is targeting her family. Follow Emily through Norfolk, VA, and the Outer Banks, NC as she tries to unravel the conspiracy that started long before she found out about it. Will she be able to save her loved ones in time? Whom will she be able to trust? She will quickly find out that prior events and people in her life are not truly what and whom they seem to be. 

Storm From Within An Emily Fallon Novel

Released November 30, 2023! This is book two of the trilogy.


Naval Engineer Emily Fallon is still working to uncover secrets surrounding her family, but now with a target on her back.  As she gets closer to finding out the truth, she realizes she can't return to the only home she's ever known. Will she pull the correct thread to unravel the intricate web that has been woven? Will a sworn enemy now be one of her trusted teammates? Why is the person that loves her the most keeping secrets from her? The clock is ticking. Is finding out the answers worth the price her loved ones will have to pay?​​

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Retribution for the Fallen An Emily Fallon Novel

Release date April 2024! This is book three of the trilogy.


Her opposition's reach is unparalleled. Who will be left standing?

In the gripping finale of the Emily Fallon trilogy, we follow Emily as she embarks on her most important mission; taking down her biggest adversary yet. 

With each truth exposed, the danger mounts and Emily must answer her own questions.

Will she bring all the conspiracies and cavernous corridors of secrets to the surface? What is she willing to sacrifice for the retribution that's owed for the fallen? Will this rival take Emily and her loved ones out before they can drag the dark soul of this enemy into the light? Will they fall victim to their wrath?

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Work In Progress Updates

Xander's Prequel Novella

Release date yet to be determined.

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New project!! More to come!

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