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ARC Form Closes 5/17!

We are finally here ya'll! ARC forms are being accepted until 5/17. ARC copies will go out on 5/20. You have two more days to sign up if you would like to read Death Before Dishonor before everyone else.

In exchange for an ARC copy of the book, I ask that you leave an honest review on your social media platforms and Goodreads. Once the book is published, I will also request you leave an Amazon review.

I hope you all enjoy getting to know Emily as much as I enjoyed writing her character.

Please feel free to message me with any questions either here or on Instagram.

Writing a book is a team effort and I have had the best, most supportive team!

Release date is July 31. I can't believe we are finally to this point. I feel like it's taken years to get here.

Talk soon,


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